Garden Restoration
Our expertise is taking on your garden’s maintenance while making incremental changes based on a coordinated plan; transforming your garden while we care for it.

We establish a solid foundation from which your garden can evolve

First we face the fundamentals:

  • Consider context and scale
  • Mend fences
  • Identify and resolve drainage issues
  • Improve soil and regrade as needed
  • Prune: big trees, hedge rescue, open up established camellias, lighten and balance the space
  • Reinvigorate existing plantings
  • Place garden furniture, features and ornaments
  • And finally we introduce new material to enhance the garden’s sustainability growth and form.

​Garden Restoration and Design

Our expertise is taking on your garden’s long-term maintenance while making incremental changes following a coordinated design plan.
“A garden should look inevitable.”
- Landscape Architect Thomas Church

Our approach includes considering plantings to maintain seasonal interest, careful pruning  to bring balance, and water-wise and native plants skillfully added to create a habitat with a natural feel and look.

We eliminate poorly performing materials and add new plants -- most often California natives and other drought-tolerant materials. Our gardens grow and develop, keeping in mind our relationships with clients as their needs evolve.

From this central framework, we find inspiration in a variety of approaches to garden design including; the simple elegance of Japanese gardens, plants of the Mediterranean, English country-garden freedom, and French formality and order.

Closer to home, we are inspired by a broad range of gardens, from the Ruth Bancroft to Filoli, and have studied landscape architects including Russell Page and the Bay Area’s renowned Thomas Church.